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TIPS ON HOW TO NAVIGATE OUR TINY SHOP for the 1st time: First, order from your Desk or Laptop. Click Bakingside Co sign to go to our Tiny Shop. Allow a minute for product images to load. Next, click "Shop" at the top of our Tiny Shop for product categories. Scroll up and down for the category you are interested in. If you can't see the category you are looking for, use the ZOOM feature on your browser to zoom out so you can see more product categories. Currently our new system has eliminated the significant SEARCH BOX, SHOP AND SCROLLING FOR PRODUCT IS THE KEY TO ORDERING. The next step will be as easy as "Plug and Play"!

Found this old news article: We were almost all over the USA when Los Angeles Times News Bite - My Love Has Wings by Charles Perry hit the newstand back in 1995. We lost count after newspapers in 19 to 20 states picked up the article. We are a small, one and only one store in Minneapolis and the USA. Serving the nation and US citizens living abroad with consistent premium homebrew, winemaking and tea supplies.





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